Looking down on the upper Tasman Glacier.

Mt Tasman viewed from the west.

Glenmary Glacier looking north.

The Franz Josef neve.


Fly over a glacier for as little as $195.00 per person!*

*minimum of three people required.

Aviation Adventures Ltd has been operating for seven years. We are the only company to offer a personal glacier flight experience for two or three passengers.

Chris Rudge, your pilot, has been flying around Aoraki Mt Cook National Park for 28 years. As a past Information Officer for the New Zealand Antarctic Programme (he has been to Antarctica eight times, including the South Pole), he knows his stuff when it comes to glaciers. He is also one of New Zealand's most experienced alpine pilots, having flown both gliders and fixed-wing powered aircraft around the country's highest peaks. For a personal flight experience with an experienced operator, you'll find Aviation Adventures hard to beat!

Our aircraft

With Aviation Adventures you have a choice of two aircraft. The Cessna 172 can fly up to three passengers. With its high wing, it provides excellent opportunities for photography and views of the glaciers. Because it is cheaper to run, we can offer competitive pricing.

Our Grumman Ag-Cat is a classic! If you are adventurous and want a flight that is unique on this planet, take a flight in our open-cockpit biplane! We provide leather flying jackets, leather helmets and goggles, as well as gloves and a rug for your legs. The best thing about flying in the Ag-Cat is that your photos will be superior to anyone else's - for the simple reason that you have no perspex window between you and what you are photographing! How cool is that!

The three flight options

1. Glenmary Glacier - 35-40 minute flight
2. Tasman Glacier - New Zealand's largest - 60-65 minute flight
3. The Big Three - Tasman, Fox and Franz Josef glaciers - 65-70 minute flight

Prices per person (note; pax = person):

Cessna 172
Grumman Ag-Cat Biplane
Glenmary Glacier
3 pax = $195 pp (35 min)
2 pax = $445 pp (40 min)

2 pax = $295 pp (35 min)

Tasman Glacier
3 pax = $295 pp (1 hour)
2 pax = $745 pp (1 hour 5 min)

2 pax = $395 pp (1 hour)

The Big Three
3 pax = $345 pp (1 hour 5 min)
2 pax = $845 pp (1 hour 10 min)

2 pax = $445 pp (1 hour 5 min)

We can also cater for a single person in either aircraft - please phone for pricing details.

Glenmary Glacier

The Glenmary Glacier is located on the Neumann Range, south of Mt Cook. This is the closest glacier to Pukaki Airport. On this flight, we climb west of Pukaki Airport and north of Twizel, where we view the largest of the Lord of The Rings filming locations called Pelanor Field before crossing the Ben Ohau Mountains. From there, we continue our climb up to over 8000 feet to view the Glenmary Glacier. This flight provides superb views of the Dobson and Hopkins valleys, as well as lakes Ohau and Pukaki.

Tasman Glacier

What makes our Tasman Glacier flight unique is that we fly the full length of Lake Pukaki from where the glacier ended during the last glaciation to where it is now. This provides an opportunity to see all the glacial features of New Zealand's largest glacier, including the terminal and lateral moraine.

On this one hour flight you will see the stunning turquoise waters of Lake Pukaki, the braided Tasman River, Lake Tasman (which is often filled with icebergs), the Murchison Glacier, the lower and upper reaches of the Tasman Glacier, the Malte Brun Range, the Grand Plateau, the Caroline Face of Aoraki Mt Cook, the Hooker Glacier, the Mueller Glacier, Mt Sefton and Mt Cook Village - that's four large glaciers!

During this flight, we normally fly around 8000 to 9000 feet.

The Big Three

Weather conditions permitting, this flight includes everything you see on the Tasman Glacier flight option but we also fly over both the Franz Josef and the Fox glaciers, which takes us west of Mt Tasman and Aoraki Mt Cook. 

This flight crosses the Main Divide and goes to as high as 10,000 feet. The scenery is breathtaking.

Because demand for our flights is high, we strongly recommend phoning us to make a booking:

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