1 May 2017

The 2016/17 flying season was our best yet. Both the Cessna and Ag-Cat were kept busy flying to the Tasman, Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers. One new area we have been exploring is the Douglas Neve in Westland National Park. For flights over winter, we recommend booking in advance.

Mt Cook summit on 27 April 2017.

A DC3 visited Pukaki Airport in April.

Douglas Neve in Westland National Park.

Mt Sefton from the west.

1 March 2017

After a windy January, the weather became more settled in February and both the Ag-Cat and Cessna were kept busy doing glacier flights. Even on windy days, we were able to climb up through the turbulence to enjoy smooth flights to the top of Mt Cook. February was our busiest month since we started operations back in 2009.

Mt Tasman and Mt Cook from the north.

Lendenfield Peak.

Mt Cook and Mt Tasman from the east at dawn.

4 January 2017

December was another record month with both the Ag-Cat and the Cessna being busy. Greg Bayliss has joined us as a pilot flying the Cessna 172 when required.

The Cessna prior to a dawn flight.

The Franz Josef Neve on 30 December 2016.

2 December 2016

Last month was our busiest November yet. Although last week was windy and the glaciers were covered in cloud, we were able to fly locally in the Ag-Cat.

Visitors are welcome to bring their lunch and picnic on our lawn!

19 November 2016

Today was our busiest since starting operations - two flights in the Cessna to Mt Cook and six local flights in the Grumman Ag-Cat. In all, we flew 18 passengers, including a tour group from Spain.

Twelve passengers, six biplane flights - a busy day!

Approaching the summit ridge of Aoraki Mt Cook.

Looking down the Tasman Valley from 13,000 feet.

12 November 2016

The weather continues to be cloudy and wet this spring but we have been busy on the good days when we can see the mountains. The new headsets are a great bonus for passengers as they offer excellent hearing protection and make our in-flight commentary easy to listen to.

Flying past the Grand Plateau on 10 November 2016.

30 October 2016

The weather cleared today to allow us to do our first glacier flights in the Cessna 172. For our inaugural flight we had father and son James and Tom Duffy from Christchurch doing the Big Three option over the Tasman, Franz Josef and Fox glaciers. On our second flight, Australians Emily and Catherine Hutchinson flew up to the Glenmary Glacier.

Flying west of Aoraki Mt Cook on our inaugural flight.

Tom and James Duffy after our first glacier flight in the Cessna.

26 October 2016

Our Cessna 172 is now fully operational after arriving on Labour Weekend Sunday. The aircraft has received a spring clean and polish. New headsets have been purchased so all passengers can hear the commentary, as well as play their own music from an iPhone with the correct adaptor.

The Cessna 172N at Pukaki Airport.

Our Grumman Ag-Cat biplane and Cessna 172.

14 October 2016

Our new roadside signs arrived today and should be up soon. The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority has signed off on all the paperwork required to operate the new aircraft on Air Transport Operations.

22 September 2016

Today we launched our new website to promote Aviation Adventures' glacier flight options in either our Cessna 172 or Grumman Ag-Cat biplane.

The Cessna 172N ZK-ELH is a new additon to our operation for the 2016/17 season. We expect to have the new aircraft operational by late October.

Aviation Advenures' Cessna 172N - new for the 2016/17 season